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Fears 'dam' may burst
Published on: Friday, August 11, 2017

Ranau: Several days of incessant rain had resulted in a natural dam spanning about eight acres being formed in the upper reaches of the River Liwagu Kegibangan, in the vicinity of Kg Tinanom, here, with the potential danger of drowning several villages in the lower regions should it give way.

According to some, the large "dam" was caused by landslides due to heavy downpour every evening across the district since Monday.

Info in an anonymous social media posting warned villagers living downstream along the Liwagu, especially those whose houses are near the riverbanks to be wary of such eventuality. The villages are Kg Tinanom, Kg Paus, Kg Wakaku, Kg Bitoon and Kg Tampios.

District Officer, Hj Faimin Kamin, who is also the District's Natural Disaster Committee Chairman, said he ordered the Ranau police as well as Fire and Rescue Department to investigate.

"Should there be any seriousness in the claim in social media, we want the relevant agencies to make the necessary assessment in the area concerned. We will take proper action based on their recommendations, but not until we obtain the full report," he said.

Meanwhile, Paginatan Community Development Leader (PPM), Georgina Georg, said she contacted the JKKK Chairman and Village Head in Kg Tinanom and it was confirmed that there is a water catchment formed naturally in the said location. However the actual width of the area involved could not be determined.

"On the other hand, we would urge the villagers living in the respective territory to be watchful and be prepared to evacuate. All activities in and along the river must be stopped immediately until further notice," she said. - Clarence G Dol

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