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Kunak futsal obstacle removed
Published on: Sunday, January 14, 2018

Kunak: The District Office has been given the green light to construct a futsal arena in Kampung Kunak Tiga.

Kampung Kunak Tiga village chief Abdul Lahil Sarail said, the proposed site is at the village reserve area.

"The village had been gazetted as a valid village and there is a site in the village for the construction of a public amenity such as a futsal arena for the benefit of the local community," he said.

Abdul Lahil said, a letter dated Jan 5, issued by the District Officer which will be submitted to Silam MP Datuk Datu Nasrun Datu Mansur as a reference to facilitate the construction of the futsal arena.

"Previously, a certain individual claimed the proposed site was owned by his ancestors.

"However, he did not have any document to proof his claim…and this caused the dalay in construction of the futsal arena by a few years.

"That is why the Silam MP instructed the village committee to prepare the related documents for the site before the construction can be initiated."

According to Lahil, youths in the village also backed the construction of the futsal arena.

"I sympathise with the youths in the village who had to walk to the neighbouring village to play futsal.

"If the facility is built here, then the local youths could fill their free time with beneficial activities," he said.

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