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Who says you can't take your wealth with you?
Published on: Thursday, January 18, 2018

Labuan: Burning hell money is a tradition among Taoist Chinese who believe the notes, though burnt, will be useful in the deceased's after-life.

But the burial of an Indian with RM50 bills stuffed inside the coffin suggests some Indians have taken it to the next level – by using real money and leaving them intact.

The picture of an encoffined Indian covered with ringgit notes suggests it happened in Malaysia.

A rough guess puts it at a thousand ringgit but its real value would depend on whether he can actually use it and barring a depreciation in value of the ringgit wherever he may be heading.

Of course appreciation vis-a-vis the currencies used there would be better.

Maybe it was the deceased's wish to be buried with all his money but he risks being robbed of every ringgit should thieves know where he lay buried.

One wonders if the money would have been better used on his behalf by the needy. - Sohan Das

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