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Teachers not allowed to use mobile phones in class
Published on: Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Putra Jaya: Teachers are prohibited from bringing or using their mobile phones while in class, Deputy Education Minister Datuk P Kamalanathan said today.

He also said that strict rules on mobile phone usage are already in place.

This comes following a report that 14-year-old M. Vasanthapiriya had committed suicide after being accused of stealing a teacher's mobile phone recently.

On the matter, Kamalanathan said he was unsure if the teacher in question had brought or used her phone while in class.

"Teachers can bring their handphones to school, however, they are restricted from bringing it to the classroom where teaching and learning process are ongoing.

"As for Vasanthapiriya's case, this is still not clear. Let us leave this case to be investigated by the police and we will know what really happened when the report is out," he told reporters during a press conference.

"The ministry's next course of action will be determined by the outcome of the police investigation," he added.

Vasanthapiriya attempted suicide on Jan 24 after she was accused of stealing her teacher's iPhone at the school in Nibong Tebal.

She was initially interrogated by three teachers but had strongly denied it.

She committed suicide later that night but was saved by her father R. Muniandy, 54, after he was alerted by his other daughter.

Vasanthapiriya died on Feb 1, without regaining consciousness.

It was reported previously that three investigation papers had been submitted to the state deputy public prosecutor's office and police are awaiting a response.

Kamalanathan was met earlier after attending a meeting on Research Proposal Writing Workshop for Teachers who teach Tamil Language and Tamil Literature.

"We noted that teachers who apply for the scholarship under the 'Hadiah Latihan Persekutuan' are not well-versed on writing research proposal, hence, their application gets rejected," he added.

Two sessions of the workshop will be carried out on Feb 10 and Feb 18 at SJK (T) Jalan Fletcher in Kuala Lumpur.

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