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Tawau stall rentals likely to be reduced
Published on: Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Tawau: The monthly stall rental at Hotspring market, here, is expected to be reduced from RM600 to RM300 and from RM300 to RM150.

About 19 stall hawkers have raised this suggestion to the State Assistant Finance Minister Sarifuddin Hatta during his working visit to Hotspring market here Monday.

President of Tawau Sri Tanjung Hawker Association, Chin Man Ki said the Hotspring market was taken over by the district council due to the expiry expiration of the privatised contract.

Chin said the rental for food stall was RM600 while the meat and vegetable stalls cost RM300 each month.

Sarifuddin urged the council to compassionate to the hawkers and consider reducing their rental.

Also present were the chief engineer of Tawau council, William Cheang, Kapitan Voo Min Fui and Parti Warisan's activist Ho Vun Phin.

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