Sabah's 'fourth highest' peak offers new thrill
Published on: Monday, September 24, 2018

Tambunan: A climbing expedition recently scaled Mount Kaingaron in Tambunan which they claim to be the fourth highest peak in Sabah and Malaysia.The one-week expedition by Kelab Pendaki Cap Kapal Sabah (PCK), which ended on May 3, was done in collaboration with the Sabah Forestry Department and the Malaysian Mountain Guides Association.

According to expedition leader who is also PCK President, Thinaraj Balakrishnan, the 2,476m high mountain offers a new thrill for nature lovers and climbing enthusiasts for the 16km ascent to its peak promises both a test of endurance and a sense of fulfilment that only nature can provide.

He claimed it was the first climbing expedition to have been done on the mountain where climbers also conducted some research and documentation.

Until this expedition, there is not much information about Mount Kaingaron which is accessible from Kampung Nupakan, 17.4km from Tambunan township.

The three highest mountains in Sabah are Mount Kinabalu (4,095.2m), Mount Trusmadi (2,642m) and Mount Tambuyukon (2,579m).

They are also the top three highest mountains in Malaysia. Before the claim on Mount Kaingaron being the fourth highest in the State and country, Mount Murud (2,423m) in Sarawak held that spot, followed by Mount Mulu (2,376m), also in Sarawak, in fifth.

If Mount Kaingaron's height becomes official, all six highest mountains in the country are found in east Malaysia.

Thinaraj said all the three mountains – Mount Kinabalu, Mount Trusmadi and Mount Tambuyukon – are visible from the top of Mount Kaingaron.

Describing the climb, he said it was tough.

"The geographic features of the mountain are one of the factors that make it tough to conquer. The challenge it offers is different from other mountains. There are many smaller peaks to scale before one reaches the top of the mountain.

"But this is what makes it appealing to nature lovers and climbing enthusiasts," he said, adding that the leech infested forest floor of the mountain simply adds more excitement to a climb.

He guaranteed that the feeling when reaching at the mountain top is priceless.


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