Road depression formed after pipe laying
Published on: Saturday, January 19, 2019
By: Oliver Voon

Kota Kinabalu: The Water Department has been urged to apply fresh premix on the area they have dug out some years ago to facilitate the laying of blue-coloured water pipe in Taman Richdar, Manggatal. 

A resident there was at a loss to understand as to why the Department’s contractor did not return to patch the sunken part of the housing road at Lorong Richdar 1. 

“They excavated part of the asphalt road to lay the pipe and sealed it with premix before leaving the site but after several years the area had sunken,” said JERRY, the resident, who complained about the jolt sensation when driving past that area. 

He said the intense jolt could shorten the lifespan of his car’s shock absorbers.  

“The contractor should have come to do the remedial work after several months but they didn’t do that,” he added. 

Apart from that, he also noticed rain water had often accumulate at the sunken part of the road each time after downpours.


“I’m not surprise if potholes will start to form on that area because the water will weaken the bitumen,” he added.  

He hoped the authority concerned will deploy their contractor to do the remedial work there soon as possible. 

A Water Department spokesman assured that its staff at the relevant section will be asked to verify the complaint immediately.

“Allow us to check whether or not it was carried out by our contractor,” he added. 

He said the maintenance work will be carried out should the responsibility to make tackle the problem is under its works scope. 

Hotline will follow up on the case again later. - Oliver Voon


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