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New bank note series willbe issued into circulation from July 16
Published on: Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kuala Lumpur: The new Malaysian banknotes series will be issued into circulation from July 16, Bank Negara said Tuesday.

The central bank said following the initial announcement in May 2011, it has been engaging over the last few months with relevant stakeholders to facilitate a smooth introduction of the new banknotes series.

The stakeholders are financial institutions, shopping complexes, public transportation companies, telecommunication companies, parking operators, payment kiosk owners and ticketing and vending machine operators, it said.

"If they have not done so, the relevant parties should expedite their machine calibration and modification exercise to accept the new banknotes series for the people's convenience.

"In the event the machine calibrations are not completed by July 16 despite the advance notice of at least six months, alternative solutions should be provided for the people.

"It would include setting up banknote exchange counters or manual ticketing counters to ensure the people's convenience," it said in a statement.

For further information on the banknote series, the people can contact BNMLINK at 1-300-88-5465 or call 03-26988044 ext 7307/8658 or email to ncs@bnm.gov.my. - Bernama

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