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Don't be 'Yes Men', CM reminds BoD members
Published on: Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Kota Kinabalu: Board of Directors (BoD) members in government-linked companies (GLCs) and agencies have been reminded not to be 'Yes Men' when attending discussions and meetings.

Instead, Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman said they must be proactive and courageous in voicing out anything that they feel is not right and not suitable.

"Members of BoDs must take part in any discussion or in decision-making meetings involving respective GLCs and agencies as they are appointed by the State Government and the people. Thus, they should voice out anything that they feel is not right and not suitable to be carried out.

"Do not be 'Yes Men' or say 'Baiklah (Fine) or 'Eloklah Tu' (that's good) on any issues or ideas raised by anyone in the meetings or discussions.

But members should debate with substance and facts before decision is made on certain issues that are highlighted.

"The chairpersons must listen to their voices. This is imperative for them to act this way following changes in time and era as well as many challenges that need their commitment to develop the State's economic growth to a higher level," he said.

Musa said this in his speech when opening a course for members of BoDs of GLCs and statutory bodies, organised by the State Finance Ministry, at Tabung Haji Complex, here, Tuesday.

A total of 120 participants took part in the course.

Also present were Assistant Minister of Finance, Datuk Seri Michael Asang, Assistant Minister of Finance, Datuk Ramlee Marhaban, Permanent Secretary of State Finance Ministry, Datuk Pg. Hassanel Datuk Mohd Tahir, chairmen, directors and other officials.

Musa said the negative impact of having 'Yes Men' in the BoDs was that it would cause inefficiency in the management of the GLCs and statutory bodies which could cause them to incur losses or bankruptcy.

"As a Minister of Finance, I know, I listen and monitor the performance of each GLC and statutory body in Sabah whether they do well or not.

"When they have competent and efficient management, the GLC or agency would render lucrative dividends or revenue to the State.

But when it is not doing well as expected, they would ask the State Government to rescue them and pay on their behalf.

"This does happen when the concerned GLC or agency is making losses due to inefficiency and abuse of power in the management," he said.

Therefore, Musa said it is imperative for the chairmen and BoD members of a GLC or agency to work well with each other so that the management and its financial management run smoothly.

He also reminded the chairmen and BoDs members to discharge their duties and responsibilities that they shoulder with integrity, trustworthily and with transparency.

He commended the course organised for the top management of GLCs and statutory bodies as part of the State Government's efforts to enhance good governance among them.

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