Radio Free Sarawak suspends its services
Published on: Monday, November 17, 2014

KUCHING: Radio Free Sarawak, the independent radio service run by the website Sarawak Report, has suspended its shortwave transmission services from Sat.Sarawak Report blamed the suspension on the Sarawak Government investing millions in certain devices to jam its service.

The radio would however continue with its internet radio service.

"These local jammers are extremely expensive to buy and have a limited local range of a few miles. However they are highly effective," said the Sarawak Report in its website.

"The long-range jamming from Russia and Moldova costs hundreds of thousands of ringgit."

"We have identified and confronted the Belgium-based agent, who has been behind much, if not all, of this jamming jihad against us and what we can verify is that his services are very expensive."

The Sarawak Report expressed dismay that the Sarawak Government was more interested in stifling free speech instead of spending the money on education and health and other issues which affect the people.

"The authorities in Sarawak have shown their true colours and also their fear of a single, small voice of criticism," added the website.


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