Getting our students to love local fruits
Published on: Wednesday, August 14, 2019
By: Lorena binisol
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Kota Kinabalu: Sabah College secondary school in Kota Kinabalu collaborated with Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (Malaysia) Fama, in organising its fruit fiesta showcase held for the first time in the school recently and was graced by Trade and Industry Assistant Minister Azhar Matusin.

Fama, had in previous years held the fruit fiesta for four consecutive years in other schools and this year had chosen Sabah College.

Matusin applauded the initiative of the school to take part in promoting local fruits and was aptly held during the seasonal fruits.  He said, greater awareness to the students would be created enlightening them of name of each fruits as well as its benefits.

“Promoting these local fruits and taking the advantage of the situation where it is the fruit season in our country is a good thing.  We are indirectly teaching our youngsters to have the interest and love for local products.  Especially in Sabah, there are some fruits you can’t find elsewhere such as Tarap and Bambangan.

“Eat more local fruits, they are healthy.  While we indulge in savouring these fruits, we are actually helping our local farmers improving their economic status. And some of these fruits are naturally grown, hence, it becomes unique like Tarap and Bambangan,” said Matusin.

It was also in conjunction with the school’s ‘Hari Kantin Maktab Sabah’ or Sabah College Canteen Day.

Principal Datin Hj Nuinda Hj Alias said students were enlightened with local products especially those easily grown anywhere and some are wildly grown, so that their general knowledge about local products becomes better.

‘We are indeed blessed to have fertile land, we get to eat variety of fruits all year round.  

Apart from that, we are also teaching them to have entrepreneurship mindset, giving them exposure to market their produce at school level.  This experience is relevant when they are in the work force in future,” said Nuinda.

They also held selling of some durian and other fruits, apart from demonstrating the making of juices from fruits and vegetables by Fama staff.

Fama Director, Hj Ribin Hj Wahid commended the school effort in helping to promote and encourage students to take part in the fiesta.

He said to make it a culture for the community to consume more local fruits compared to imported ones.

Having said this, he added it would improve the local business people in their economy.  The demand of fruits is also high in west Malaysia as well as in Brunei and Singapore. He said to take this opportunity to market the fruits while the demand is still there.

“Programme such as this is apt to be conducted at school level.  It should be continued and emulated by other schools too as it really gives opportunity to our younger generation to have the love for local fruits and be exposed in business-dealing scenario.

It is from young that we should instil the awareness on our local products, so that it is not difficult to persuade them when they become adult,” said Ribin.

Ribin disclosed that currently its ministry is putting effort in re-planting (seedlings) for three types of chosen fruits such as Durian (Musang King), coconut and pineapple as there are high demands for these fruits to be exported to other countries.

Meanwhile, Nuinda thanked the cooperation rendered from its school Parents-Teachers Association, school Alumni, parents and students who took part in ensuring the success of the fruit fiesta in the school level.

Also present were officers from education department, health department, among others.


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