Sabah’s health system intact: DG
Published on: Tuesday, October 27, 2020
By: Malay Mail
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PUTRAJAYA: Health Director-General Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah (pic) has assured the public on Monday that the Sabah healthcare system is still intact and not collapsing, despite being the state hit worst by Covid-19.

He said unlike what news reports are saying, there are enough hospitals and medical personnel at hand in Sabah to handle the pandemic.

He also said that the federal government has released the finances required to fight the escalating situation in Sabah.

“I’m not sure why people like to use negative perception when the figures show otherwise. We may have more than a thousand cases today (Monday) but like today most of it, 508 cases, are confined to the prisons.

“It’s not true that the health system in Sabah is collapsing but I admit it is more challenging. However, we are more prepared for this as we have been preparing much earlier by sending more staff, using the low-risk centres, increasing beds. All of these issues have been addresses,

“What we do need is better coordination in the state,” said Dr Noor Hisham during his Covid-19 briefing on Monday.

Sabah continues to add almost 50 per cent of all daily cases since before the Sabah elections on September 26.

Many on social media have been saying there aren’t enough beds for patients testing positive and have been told to return home and quarantine.

There were also rumours that the government is not channelling enough money to Sabah to help with the pandemic.

He also rebuked claims that there are only nine hospitals in Sabah to handle all the Covid-19 cases, there are in fact 24 hospitals available.

“We’ve approved another 1,200 personnel who will get their offer letters tomorrow and start work on Wednesday.

“The people think we are not doing work, that’s not true. As far as the hospital usage, it’s at 25 per cent for the beds, the internal care units are at 60 per cent and we have 26 quarantine centres for level one and two cases.

“If we look at stage three patients with low risks we also can now move them to the low-risk centres to get treatment. Adding to that we are also looking at opening six more low-risk centres if the need arises,” Dr Noor Hisham explained.

“Not forgetting we have the new hospital in Medan adding to the 24 other hospitals available to us. So reports suggesting there were only nine hospitals is false,” Dr Noor Hisham lamented.

He urged the public not to listen to fake news and if they needed clarity on the war against Covid-19 they should look to the correct channels for information.


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