Kris Aquino faces life-threatening illness
Published on: Tuesday, May 17, 2022
By: GMA News
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Kris says she will soon leave the country for her treatments.
KRIS AQUINO admitted her illnesses has turned for the worse, already becoming life-threatening.

On Monday, the Queen of all Media took to Instagram to clear out online speculations that “she got confined,” “she was rushed to ICU,” and that “she is dying.” None of these were true, Kris said.

“Masyado kayong advance. I’m not yet dead. I’m going to fight to stay alive,” Kris quipped.

In the 8-minute video, Kris began by saying that she was soon leaving the country for her treatments.

“[I’ve] always been proud of my honesty and courage. Ginusto ko na maka-lipad sana nang tahimik pero utang ko po sa mga nag darasal na gumanda ang aking kalusugan, ang mag THANK YOU & to tell the TRUTH,” she wrote in the caption.

Kris now has three confirmed autoimmune conditions: chronic spontaneous urticaria, autoimmune thyroiditis, and vasculitis. The last of which, she said, was found after a third skin biopsy was read by a pathologist here in the Philippines and the US.

“My team of doctors here and abroad…are all worried about organ damage in my heart and in my lungs,” Kris said.

She added the medicine that could cure her “doesn’t have FDA approval here or in Singapore.”

According to Kris, her doctors wanted to simultaneously infuse the medicine and “chemotherapy as my immunosuppressant” because she is allergic to steroids.

In the latter part of her post, Kris requested everyone to please stop the hate and bashing on her social media pages, not for her sake but her two sons.

Kris has been updating the public about her worsening health. In February, she mentioned flying to the States to rule out cancer and diabetes. In April, she said she’ll be away for more than a year for medical treatments but one week later, Kris said she failed to get medical clearance for her travels.

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