Golden opportunity to become an EU citizen and to live, work and study in 27 countries in Europe
Published on: Saturday, June 18, 2022
By: Vanessa James
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Kuala Lumpur: Malaysian migration rate has resulted commendably, especially this year, amounting to 1.518 per thousand population in tandem with the cooperation of Malaysian Migration Agency.

However, some citizens chose not to liaise with any available agencies amid the rising migration volume in the country.

In this regard, Global Migration Solutions Sdn Bhd has taken the initiative to promote European residency, where one can aim for citizenship after five years of holding the Portugal Golden Visa.

This programme ranked as the number one residency programme by Forbes has one of the simplest ways of getting a European passport, allowing people to live, work, and study in any of the 27 countries.

Global Migration Solutions founder and managing director Desmond Ang said the benefit of the Golden Visa is to allow their customer to obtain citizenship after five years. 

This programme, he said, is a gateway to obtain European residency. 

“You do not need to stay in Portugal but only visit the country for 14 days in a year. Once citizenship is given, they would be able to choose any of the 27 countries to live, work and study.”

Undoubtedly, he said, it is a golden opportunity for those planning to migrate, particularly entrepreneurs, students, and those seeking career advancement.

“The most appealing aspect of this programme is that only one application would be required for the entire family, including spouse, children, parents, and in-laws.

“Aside from the benefits, Global Migration Solutions proposed this programme with a low entry requirement, so that almost anyone could take advantage of this great chance for a better future.”

Global Migration Solutions is the only migration firm in Malaysia to be recognised with the Top 25 Global Migration CEO Award by Uglobal Immigration Magazine. 

Based in Malaysia for the past 18 years, the firm has helped more than 12,000 families with their migration journey with a 99 per cent success rate. They can be reached at 010-229 2114, 03-27145833 or email at [email protected]  

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