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Better to let KL manage these roads
Published on: Sunday, February 04, 2018

By Tax payer

For years travellers from Nabawan/Sepulut to Kalabakan have had to put up with shocking road conditions.

There have been odd attempts to patch here and there but all to no avail as the road continues to be appalling.

There seems to be a flurry of roading activities this year for some reason and so I would like to bring to the authorities attention the shocking, state of this road and the lack of maintenance.

The worst stretch between Maliau and Kalabakan causes much disruption to vehicles as the numerous deep potholes, road slips and broken seal means vehicles are reduced to crawling speed. It is unimaginable that after years these main routes cannot be fixed. And we should not have to wait for the Pan Borneo highway.

No excuses please. This route is shocking.

It is not surprising the condition of the road. On my regular journeys along this road, I have rarely seen less than 30-40 huge logging trucks traversing the route in either direction. I read last January in a local newspaper some supposedly learned authority said the fault lay in the oil palm lorries and not logging trucks.

This person has clearly never been on the road but rather sits in his city office all day. This is absolutely rubbish.

The logging trucks day and night are an ever present disruption to the road.

The logging trucks at night carry the very large tree trunks, larger than in the day time.

It is high time this main road from east to west across Sabah is fixed and an alternate route created for the continuous logging trucks plying the route. It is not fair on the sedan cars and other ordinary vehicles including buses having to suffer from the destruction of the road caused by these heavy, overladen logging trucks.

It is rather paradoxical that so many lorries carrying tree trucks come out from areas around the conservation block of Maliau basin and of course many come out from near Nabawan. Logging is actually going on there at an astounding rate.

Can the authorities in charge of the road maintenance please fix this road so that it is smooth.

It is the main highway but it almost totally neglected. The northern road, Tamparuli, Ranau to Sandakan is not much better either. The condition of this road especially between Ranau and Kampung Matupang reduces traffic to a crawl amid subsiding tarseal.

Kampung Wonod through to the Sapi junction is another shocker as well as bits through the ranges.

Why is it that the Sabah Government or local authorities cannot get Federal to take responsibility for ensuring the main arterial routes, which are their jurisdiction, to be as good as the West Malaysian arterial routes?

I encourage and dare the representatives of the people to take a car ride especially from Nabawan to Kalabakan and enjoy the road quality.

Tax payer

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