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Numerology: Getting the numbers right
Published on: Sunday, December 05, 2010

FOR Master of Numerology, Marinah Ng Wai Leng, her marriage break-up some years ago was a blessing in disguise.

Now 43, the businesswoman turned to numerology to seek answers to her personal crisis.

"Is there anything wrong with my numbers? So, I analysed my numbers only to realise that those born in January and October should marry only after 30. I was born in January and married at 22.

"Later when numerology became my bread and butter, and people started to consult me, I found that about 90 per cent of such marriages would end up in separation or divorce.

"I also came to the conclusion that about 70 per cent to 80 per cent of marriages of people born in May and June (and who tied the knot before 30) would also land on the rocks.

"As time goes by, I am more than convinced of the importance of numbers and how these exert an influence on people's lives," she said when met in Sabah recently.

Starting life anew with her practice in numerology from November 2006, the hotel receptionist-turned numerologist had her name changed by adding an "h" to the end of her name "Marina" in the interest of better vibration quality.

"Each number from 1 to 9 carries a certain vibration quality with its own particular frequency, and sets the tone for one's life. Since I have mastered and benefited from numerology, I want people out there to enhance their lives and develop their potential through the use of certain numbers.

"Once they understand the effects of the numbers surrounding them, they can learn how to use the numbers to their advantage," she said.

Marinah defined Numerology as the Science of Numbers where each number has meaning and significance as well as influence on men's and women's lives.

"Each of the core numbers - 1 to 9 - represents a different cycle of one's life.

Each number has a meaning and is related to human life.

Each number is a destiny number too based on calculations from one's name and birth date.

And each number has a different kind of vibration.

"Hence, numerology shows how to determine the number value of one's name, one's destiny number or lucky number or an important number, and propitious dates for important business transactions, among other actions.

"We calculate a person's name number based on the name itself.

So, if one's name number is 22, then the number value of one's name is 4 (that is, two plus two)," she explained.

In Marinah's case, her lucky numbers are 8 and 13 while unlucky numbers are 1 and 7.

"So 13 is not a fatalistic number altogether.

It varies from person to person, and from household to household."

On the destiny numbers (1-9), she said each has been understood and interpreted by famous numerologists like Cheiro in their books.

"For example, '9' denotes success but every destiny number has a positive and negative side to it.

A Number '9' person is optimistic of success but when he or she is too focused on success, then greed sets in.

"There are people with destiny number '9' who cannot run their businesses alone and have to enter into partnerships. At the same time, there are those with the same destiny number (9) who cannot run their businesses with other people or else they will be sabotaged by their partners.

"So, it all depends on the individual's name, name number, birth date, birth number, handphone number, house number and the like," she explained.

Armed with a calculator and a destiny chart, among other paraphernalia, Marinah could analyse one's name, birth date, name card, business card, staff number, handphone number, house address and car plate number, based on the principles of numerology.

She continued: "This is what numerology is all about.

Every name has a number which we call name number.

Derived from the name itself, the name number can be a weak or strong number.

Likewise, based on your birth date, you also have a birth number.

"Let me explainÉevery number has a vibration quality.

Under the law of vibration, it could be a lucky or unlucky vibration.

So your name number and birth number are taken into account to determine whether each has a lucky or unlucky vibration," she elaborated.

"Therefore, if your name number and birth number have a good vibration, then your name will vibrate well and you will succeed in life with plenty of money luck."

When analysing a car plate number where the Number '4' occurs twice, Marinah said one '4' is good but two '4' may not be good.

"In numerology, the Number '4' is a number that signifies intelligence and good planning. But more of it changes the good vibration which becomes negative.

"The car-owner is an intelligent person but the plate number stops him from expanding or executing his plans. But if he changes his car numberÉ," she trailed off.

How do you analyse 1944, for example, as the year of birth?

Marinah said based on the destiny chart, '44' becomes the Number '8' because 4+4 add up to an '8'.

"'8' is a number that represents pressure and responsibility.

Sometimes, it's good and sometimes it's not good. Its vibration depends, varying from name number to birth date to handphone number to house number and car plate number."

According to Marinah, houses under certain numbers are considered favourable or unfavourable.

"If it is unfavourable, we can change the vibration of the house and hence, its energy, to make it favourable.

"Someone asked me to analyse her house number which is 32, and I have recommended that it be amended to 329. The registered number (32) can still be retained but the new number can be displayed somewhere in the car porch."

Based on numerology, a person whose birth number is an '8' should not live in a house whose number makes a '4' that is 13, 1+3=4;22, 2+2=4; 31, 3+1=4; 40, 4+0=4; etc).

Similarly, Marinah pointed out, a person whose birth number makes a '4' should not live in a house whose number makes an '8' (that is, 17, 1+7=8; 26, 2+6=8; 35, 3+5=8; 44, 4+4=8; etc.

"But not to worry. A Number '4' person or Number '8' person who wants to get a lucky vibration can change his or her name number.

"We can even advise a Number '4' person and Number '8' person to drop using the '4' and '8' in all their transactions and use instead any strong number his or her name may give," she said.

What are the strong numbers?

1, 3, 5 or 6 are strong or positive numbers in accordance with numerology.

"It is one's name number that works out to a final total of a 1, 3, 5 or 6."

Born in Penang, Marinah is better known in the Peninsula and today, she has some 4,000 clients mainly from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan.

But this did not come easy.

"I researched a lot and I keep on with my research.

As more and more people consulted me, I began to acquire more knowledge and experience.

"Besides, I was coached by Masters of Numerology in Singapore and Taiwan in special classes (for potential numerologists).

I still go back to them for revision from time to time.

Even today, I collaborate with those Masters in consultation work whenever I think it is necessary," she said.

In addition, Marinah studied Cheiro's books on numerology (written in English). Count Louis Hamon, better known as Cheiro (pronounced as Kiro), is regarded as the most successful palmist, numerologist and astrologer of the 20th century. After coming to India, he started his practice and continued his study and research.

Judging from the numerous testimonials received, people have found solace and solutions from seeking advice and guidance from Marinah.

Generally, after changing their personal name, name number, birth number, name card, company name or business card, their businesses have grown, relationships have improved and their love life is more stable while others have found their true love.

In one particular case, it was analysed that a client's birth date has some important missing numbers.

Which explained why he was a poor planner and not action-oriented.

"I have worked out a number for him, comprising four digits, to enhance his career.

It is not considered a lucky number. It is different from a lucky number," said Marinah.

Johnny (not his real name), who sought corporate consultation, had the structure of his business card changed.

"Since then, I face less pressure and my business has grown by 20pc.

The staff turnover is now lower, and the public can easily locate my company's premises unlike previously."

Winnie (not her real name) had a 'manly' name, so she couldn't find a life partner until she met Marinah.

"My name sounded as if I were a man. No man wanted to get near me.

So I had it changed to a feminine one and got it printed on my name card.

I showed it around to let people know my new name. I have since found my love."

Daniel (not his real name) said the company, which originally belonged to his father, was doing extremely well.

"But when I took over, business began to decline. Why? I found that the company's name number is not aligned with my date of birth.

So, I had the name changed and now my business is growing again.

Thanks to the sifu (Master)."

Image consultant Fanny (not her real name) said her marriage is more stable after changing her Chinese name and name card.

"Of course, I don't change the name in my birth certificate or identity card but I have a slightly new name in my new name card like adding a middle name."

In another instance, Lilian (not her real name) gave out 200 business cards with a new name for her company.

"Prior to this, my business was in the doldrums.

Now prospects look promising. With only one shoplot in Penang initially, I have branched out into a few shoplots in KL."

Balasubramaniam, a local contractor, used to have difficulty in collecting payments.

"But now it is a thing of the past ever since I adopted a Chinese name (given by Marinah).

Furthermore, I now sign cheques and papers as Balasubramaniam and no longer just Bala (in short) as advised.

"I believe I have got money luck now," he said while showing this writer his new name card with his Chinese name printed on the right hand side of the card.

And there are businessmen who seek consultation on favourable times for important transactions, decisions or actions.

Marinah said the best date for any important deal, event or action can be worked out accordingly.

"It will be based on your birth date for which there is a birth number.

This birth number is important because the date for your event or action must be in harmony with it (birth number)."

Preparing feng shui name cards and feng shui business cards is among her 20 remedies.

"We have different designs for different professions, for everybody."

Remedies aside, Marinah said she is more than willing to give free talks on numerology to Sabah women as a matter of sharing knowledge.

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