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Published on: Saturday, July 25, 2020
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Advice on oil palm growing

NBN & SABAH TIMES (Tuesday, October 23, 1962)

JESSELTON, Monday.- Mr C. W. S. Hartley CBE, Director of the West African Institute for Oil Palm Research in Nigeria, is in North Borneo this week to advise on oil palm growing and processing.

He arrived in Jesselton on Saturday, after a tour of Malaya, and immediately flew on to Sandakan with the Director of Agriculture, Mr. E. J. H. Berwick, to see oil palms projects in the Labuk. Yesterday Mr Berwick took him to the Government Oil Palm Research Station at Ulu Dusun, Mile 32, Labuk Road and on Tuesday they will go by sea and river up to Klagan to visit the Pamol Estate.

On Wednesday Mr Hartley and Mr Berwick will return to Jesselton and on Thursday spend the day in the Beaufort area visiting the Limbawang, Klias area. Mr Hartley will leave on Friday for Singapore.

Second brick factory

NBN & SABAH TIMES (Tuesday, October 2, 1962)

SANDAKAN, Mon. – The second brick factory to produce locally-made bricks of 3” x 4” x 9” dimensions began operation last week.

The factory owned by the Teck Guan Co. Ltd. Is located at Mile 5, Batu Sapi Road, Sandakan. It produces about 1,500 to 2,000 unbaked bricks per day and an estimated monthly production of 150,000. Teck Guan Co. Ltd, which owns two other factories in Tawau, established its factory in Sandakan some time in June this year. The first brick factory was set up at Mile 12, North Road, in May this year and is owned by the Kian Ho Brick Manufactory Co, a joint stock company with its head office in Jesselton.

Training nurses at QEH

NBN & SABAH TIMES (Tuesday, October 2, 1962)

JESSELTON, Mon. – The Director of Medical Services announced, today that:- A Nursing Sister, Miss J. M. Fitton, arrived in Jesselton today on transfer from Brunei. She will be posted to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and is expected to assist in training.

Another new Nursing Sister, Miss Margaret Mowatt, is due in Jesselton on 3rd October, from the United Kingdom. She will also work in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Miss Mowatt was previously at the Segama Estate Hospital, Lahad Datu. More help for the Medical Department arrived today in the form of two Peace Corps Volunteers. They are Miss Nellie L. Jones and Miss Nancy L. Bower, Laboratory Technicians, who will be attached initially to the Central Labortary at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Jesselton. Dr R. H. Raybould will resume duty as Medical Officer, Lahad Datu, on return from local leave in Hong Kong. Dr Raybould leaves Jesselton for HK by the CPA plane on 8th October, two days after leaving Beaufort where he has been stationed.

Fined for being dishonest

NBN & SABAH TIMES (Jesselton, Tuesday, October 9, 1962)

JESSELTON, Mon. – A 21-year-old Anglo-Burmese, Francis Barry was fined $100 or in default two months imprisonment by the Stipendiary Magistrate Mr I. R. Greene in the Magistrate’s Court here, for dishonesty. He was charged with stealing a bicycle, the property of Mohammed Yusof bin Tafir, on or about the 6th September, 1962. Accused had two previous convictions and in sentencing him the magistrate took into account his young age and was reluctant to send him to prison as accused was at present holding a job as bulldozer driver for the Happy Garden Society with a salary of $5 a day. He was fined by the magistrate $100 or two months imprisonment but the fine to be paid by monthly instalments of $25.

Concrete bridge over Melalap

NBN & SABAH TIMES (Tuesday, October 2, 1962)

TENOM, Mon. – Members of the Tenom District Council decided at their meeting on 15th September to seek a loan of $60,000 from the Government in order to purchase a tractor and also a small grader for maintenance of feeder roads. Malalap Bridge: The Council agreed to allot $3,000 out of their Rural Communications Vote for the construction of a concrete bridge over the Melalap River. This would provide access to the school and kampong. Council furniture: Members requested the Chairman to place an immediate order for tables and chairs for the Council, after complaining that they had to sit on fixed hard long wooden benches in the Court House.

$510 missing from Treasury

NBN & SABAH TIMES (Thursday, October 4, 1962)

SIPITANG, Wed. – A police party was rushed here from Beaufort after a report that $510 had been missing from the Treasury (ADO’s office) here. A report was lodged that a few days ago the cashier at the District Officer here rediscovered that $510 – in $10 bills – had been missing. It is reported that the money, when received from Beaufort by the end of August, was received correctly.

It appeared that the money disappeared between the last week of August and September 25, when the discovery was made. It is believed that there might be some significance in this “disappearance” of money because about $50 had previously been found missing, some time ago. No arrests have been made but extensive investigations continue.

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