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Published on: Monday, October 24, 2022
By: K Krishnan
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LAST week we looked at emerging careers today! Let us look at some of these  emerging careers. Although papers qualifications are important to go higher up the ladder, but to enter these careers you need hands-on experience. Even if you don’t have a degree you can still excel in these careers. Explore these careers and widen your scope. 

Digital Marketing 

Look at every other person in the bus, train or flight, and you will realise that their eyes are glued to their handphones. Day in and day out they are hooked on to their handphones. 

One of the trending best career options is Digital Marketing. Previously people used to conduct marketing offline to promote their products and services of their brands. These offline-marketing strategies are still active.  

However with the emergence of the internet, social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok  and Twitter, the digital marketing demand has  increased  tremendously.

Digital Marketing is not just Search Engine Optimization. Digital marketing is so affordable that irrespective of small businesses or top brands, they are investing a large some of money for marketing campaigns. 

Products and services are advertised in the Social Media very extensively. So much so it has overtaken even newspaper, radio and TV advertisements.  

In the evolving world, each business is participating their services and products on Digital Platform, and there are also several advantages that are constituted with a digital platform which are not available in offline or traditional marketing techniques. If you are a creative person, do consider a career in Digital Marketing. If you are good, agencies will welcome you with handful of packages.

Video Marketing 

The world has moved more into entertainment and media, especially using the Social Media. Movies and Satellite Television are moving into a rough phase due to a lot of competitions within. In today’s scenario, every common person  can prove his/her talent via broadcasting their video content on YouTube free of cost.

There are opportunities flooded on these platforms and it is one of the trending and funky career options for the youngsters where there is no boundary to limit the growth and reachability of their video content. It’s not just restricted to movies, music, and entertainment, the people here could do the unbelievable kinds of stuff on YouTube like comedy, special talents and much more. 

If your YouTube channel has many viewers, subscribers and good likes on the videos, as a YouTuber you will start generating income from Google. YouTube as a Career is still one of the budding emerging careers but with the number of  YouTubers  in this platform, there is a lot of competition and there are only a few limited channels get actually successful, this is because the YouTube success is not accompanied within a day or two, and it requires a lot of hard work, timely consistency, and greater patience to build your channel as a big brand in the entertainment industry.   

Social Media Influencer

We are aware that internet and social media are not just for search engine purposes or for movie and music downloads; we are virtually connecting to many people on it. Here we follow a lot of people and thousands of people follow us back. The social media influencer role begins here. If you are not a person who can do videos, still you can earn on social media as a Social Media Influencer.

For every beginner, it might sound crazy yet there is no simpler thing than this to earn money; you need to understand the distinction between simple and ease. This indirectly means that your role is unlike the 9-to-5 job. Your job is making several people follow you. Once you make this possible on either Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, then you could influence people to buy any product or avail any service that you are offering to them and that’s how you earn money from the respective product or service providing brands. You could also get associated with many other brands as a model and pitch them to promote their products on your social media handles like Facebook or Instagram and in return for a monetary reward as a paid sponsorship.     

Affiliate Marketing

In today’s scenario “Affiliate Marketing” is being one among the top 10 professions. But to become a master in the art of affiliate marketing you should be familiar with what is affiliate marketing and it’s nuances. With affiliate marketing, you could earn more money more than any other revenue online.    The best thing about this marketing technique is that it is cost-free to join, and it is not independent marketing, which requires any marketing degree preferably an MBA or it requires traditional strategies like pamphlets, banners, tv commercials etc. Even if you check the income of the most successful bloggers on the internet, you will find that a major source of their overall revenue is from  Affiliate Marketing.

Graphics Designing

If you think that you are a  creative person and you have the unique skill to create something special with the use of some professional tools and software on Computers like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop then you are a good fit to enter into the Graphics Designing industry. If you preferred a emerging career in Graphics Designing then you could get easily hired by television channels, Digital Marketing agencies, and you could be a freelancer and work on various projects, earn the money as required.

As a graphics designer your skills are not proportional to your educational qualifications or college therefore if you are much serious about this career option, then start to brush up your skills by joining a professional course in designing, there you have the option to explore and learn what you are good at like photo editing, logo designing, typography, banner designing, colour correction and many more. 

Web Development

If you are much interested in either Computer Science or Information Technology and have deep knowledge on programming languages like HTML, PHP, CSS, SQL and even WordPress, then you could be a website developer professional. You would be aware that in this internet age each business needs to have a greater online presence to extend their business and build a brand. For Business’ entrepreneurs hire web developers who could clearly understand the requirements; having the skills to bring the entrepreneurs business dreams into reality. As a web developer you could charge them as per your demand.

If you doubt about the job security then you could be sure that web development will provide the career you wish, until the internet exists in this world. Since internet usage is growing steadily, simultaneously web development also grows.   

Training And Consulting 

If we tend to educate ourselves to a certain expertise level then we should also need to realise the fact that as much as we share our knowledge, we gain even more knowledge. If you feel that you possess certain expertise, knowledge then you could help to transform many lives today, since there is a strong requirement for people in the training and education industry.   

Corporate Training

Trainer profession is not restricted to schools and colleges but even in big organisations, multiple levels of trainers are hired to conduct corporate training for the employees from various countries or states.   Spreading Education and knowledge is considered as a noble career option, and we are ought to understand that future relies on trainers and if you are ready to share the knowledge with the students and freshers of today, then you will see the future tomorrow.

Career Tips

Explore the above careers and search the internet for more information. It may lead to many more new careers. Learn about them too. The above careers are related to social media. Next week let us look at other options.  


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