YB: Revert to township's former spelling
Published on: Saturday, November 07, 2015

Kota Kinabalu: PKR Assemblyman for Inanam Dr Roland Chia said he received complains from Menggatal residents that the spelling of the township had been changed to manggatal without their knowledge or consultation.He believed there is a circular to enforce the State Cabinet decision which comes under the Inanam constituency.

He urged State Government to retract the decision pending consultation and round table discussion with the stakeholders.

According to Dr Roland there should have been consultation with the stakeholders based in Menggatal as well as a round table discussion with the Department of Archives, State Muzium , the local Village Heads (Ketua-ketua Kampongs) and locals there prior to the decision.

"It is sad enough that the name of the famous SMK Menggatal has been changed into SMK Bandaraya. It is like changing one's identity without consulting the name of the holder.

"When I visit Menggatal town, many old boys and old girls of SMK Menggatal are very proud of the name of their alma mater and refuse to acknowledge they were from SMK Bandaraya.

"This is because SMK Menggatal is where they were educated and are proud of."

"I belive the people of Menggatal are fully aware that the name 'Menggatal' derives from the Malay word 'gatal', which means 'itch'. It is believed to refer to the name of a tree that causes itches.

"Similarly the word Api-Api, because there was a fire that happened in Jesselton town there or Sri Tanjung because the Tawau town first started at the bay of the Sri Tanjung."

He said it was with good intention that the town was named "Menggatal" unless the State Government felt the word carried other meanings and connotations.


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