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DLP reason some schools preferred
Published on: Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Kota Kinabalu: The new school session in Sabah generally went on smoothly today, except for two primary schools in Telupid which could not begin their new session as the roads to these schools have been cut off by floods.

The two affected schools are Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Inarad and SK Keramuak.

A total of 119,960 preschool, Year One and Form One pupils in Sabah started the 2018 school session Tuesday.

State Education director, Datuk Maimunah Suhaibul, in a statement said of the figure, 45,558 were Year One pupils, while 46,128 were in Form One.

She said 28,274 children entered preschool this year, and of the 1,291 preschools, 17 were approved for operation this year.

Meanwhile, the introduction of Dual Language Programme (DLP) where maths and science will be taught in English was the motivation of some parents to enrol in certain schools.

Dina Hashim, a 38-year-old housewife, mother of two girls and one boy said SK St Joseph's inclusion of DLP was a great boost for her seven-year-old daughter Diana Batrisya and six-year-old son, Mohd Aziq Shah, both in Primary Two and One respectively. According to Dina, her family conversed in English at home.

"Not just speaking but also when it comes to understanding the lessons taught in school.

Sometimes my daughter will teach and explain to me what was taught in class when she was in Primary One last year," she said. Diana's classmate, Awangku Faiz Zakhwan said DLP has given him more interest in learning subjects, especially for Science.

Awangku, whose mother is also a teacher at SMK St Joseph, Papar said that though he is not a big fan of maths compared to science, DLP has made the two subjects more interesting and easier to comprehend.

"My family and I do not speak English at home all the time, but there are times I will speak English with my mom.

I speak English with some of my friends in school too," he said.

Meanwhile, according to SK St Joseph Senior Assistant Bibiana Cecil Pakang, the DLP programme has not only helped pupils in increasing their interest to learn, but also helped teachers to understand more what the pupils need to understand the subject.

Bibiana said even though the programme was implemented last year, teachers in her school has been able to cater the pupil's needs immediately enhancing the teacher's teaching skills.

In TENOM, the start of the new school session for 2018, especially for pre-school and Year One pupils is sure to feature many interesting moments. SK Kalang Kanar Principal Azmah Malik said 13 Year One pupils did not have any problems in adapting to their teachers in class.

"Year One pupils did not face any problems as the already had the basics of schooling during pre-school for two years," he said on Monday. Baby Denira 7, and Eri Juadi 7, were calm when escorted by their parents to the SK Kalang Kanar grounds before joining the school assembly. SK Kalang Kanar located 5km from town is one of the schools that was often hit by floods several years ago as its located 800 meters from Sg Pegalan. - Jeremy S Zabala and Mail Mathew

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