Dusun prodigy for China contest
Published on: Friday, November 16, 2018

Keningau: SMJK Ken Hwa's Farahanne Beaty, 13, will compete in the NKTS singing contest in Hunan, China, on Nov 26.The competition hosted by the Hunan Satellite TV, will be watched by millions around the world.

School Improvement Specialist Coaches (SISC +), Mathius Manang said this student's extraordinary talent should be an example to other students to achieve a high level of achievement.

He said the success of both schools and parents to grasp the talent of the students to the international level is something to be praised and exemplified by educators and parents in the state.

"It certainly is not that easy, but the consistency of all parties involved especially the family and the parents are something that not all parties can do," he said.

Mathius said there must be a firm belief, there must be a high degree of trust in addition there is a quality of thinking that no term is impossible to achieve.

Farahanne a Kadazan Dusun Murut (KDM) earlier a special received special award as the highest award given to students who created a name at international level.

District Education Officer, Masly Wahip, said he is proud of this extraordinary student's talent and achievement.

Farahanne, was discovered in the National Kids Talent Search (NKTS) singing contest, International Youth Culture and Art Awards 2018, in Kuala Lumpur, in June and has been crowned New Star Malaysia.

Meanwhile, the Secretary-General of the Sabah Natives Dusun Association (Pribumi), Rosanna Edeza said in a statement that Farahanne's achievement raised the dignity of Dusuns.

She said the success of this student should encourage other Dusuns to excel.

The special award presentation ceremony to Farahanne was held during the School's Co-curriculum and Student Affairs (HEM) Award Day held here recently. - JohanAziz


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