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LDP back to having two chiefs
Published on: Sunday, March 30, 2014

Kota Kinabalu: Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) appears to have not resolved its protracted leadership crisis with Datuk VK Liew having been elected as president for 2013 to 2018 at the party election and "Special Party Conference" in Sandakan, Saturday.

Chairman of LDP Election Committee Michael Lee (in Liew's camp), in announcing this, said altogether 322 delegates and observers from 31 divisions attended the special conference officiated by Liew.

"During the election, Liew was duly elected by the delegates as LDP's President for the term 2013-2018 together with four Vice Presidents and 15 Supreme Council Members," said Lee.

Merotai Assemblyman Datuk Pang Yuk Ming had been elected as deputy president.

Missing from the list was Karamunting Assemblyman, Charles O Pang who earlier during the LDP leadership tussle had been seen in Liew's camp.

The vice presidents were Datuk Kwan Wing Hung (first), Tiong King Kiong (second), Michael Lee Hing Huat (third), Yap Ma Chun (fourth) while the fifth vice president post had been vacated and to be decided by the Supreme Council later.

"In the Youth movement, Choong Kwok Leong was elected as LDP's Youth Chief for 2013-2018 together with 14 others while in the Women's Movement, the elected Women Chief is Wong Tze Fun together with 14 others," said Lee.

Choong Kwok Leong and Wong Tzu Fun automatically became the sixth and seventh vice president, respectively.

He said the Special Party Conference was conducted by Speaker Tiong King Kiong assisted by his Deputy Datuk Kwan Wing Hung that began at 10am until 12pm.

The elected members of the Supreme Council were Lorretto Padua Jr. (Karambunai), Lee Chiew Hwa (Karamunting), Wong Ken Hiung (Usukan), Chang Choi Sin (Sulaiman), Lee Ching Seng @ Christopher (Elopora), David Fung Vun Fui (Karamunting), Michael David Tsen (Sekong), Kapitan Chai Kui Ping (Tungku), Peter Liew Vui Ching (Kapayan), Jennifer Chan (Elopora), Foo Ken Hiung (Tanjung Aru), Michael Tham Thien Fui (Kapayan), Lo Wui Hon (Sg Sibuga), Chu Yen Foh (Elopura) and Lee Chun Boon (Likas).

The post of the Secretary General and the Deputy Secretary General, Treasurer General and the Deputy Treasurer; Chief Publicity Officer and Organising Secretary would be appointed later by the president.

The Central Youth committee full line-up Youth Chief, Choong Kwek Leong (Tg. Papat), Deputy Chief, Steven Kwan (Tungku) and assistant leaders Liew Kar Weng (Kapayan), Chong Chee Vui (Elopora) and Benjamin Chin (Karambunai), committee members Wong Kah Kiet (Tg. Papat), Clive Ilon (Karambunai), Liew Shau Keong (Elopora), Mohd Assyroff Abdullah (Kapayan), Liew Kee Lip ( Elopura ), Liew Tshung Kiat (Gum Gum), Ng Jun Lim (Sg. Sibuga) and Chok Kwok Hung (Sg Sibuga).

The women line-up; Women Leader Wong Tzu Fun (Karamunting), Deputy Leader Joan Lim Siau Jun (Merotai) and assistant leaders, Jennifer Tsen (Elapora), Chong Swi Yun (Sungai Sibuga) and Lucie Tham (Karambunai) while committee members are Chang Seoi Moei (Sekong), Leong Koon Ching (Tg. Papat), Lee Tze Wei (Elapora), Lok Nyuk Moi (Sg. Sibuga), Lunny Tham (Kapayan), Yapp Pei Yee (Sulaiman), Donna James (Kapayan), Khung Oi Chu (Tg, Aru), Liew Jin Jin (Sg. Sibuga) and Annsie Jion (Likas).

Liew's move came after his application for leave for a judicial review on the decision by Registrar of Societies (RoS) to endorse Datuk Teo Chee Kang's election as the new president of LDP was rejected.

When contacted, Teo said he would only be commenting on matter today (Sunday).

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