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Flying national, State flags to show patriotism: Mayor
Published on: Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Kota Kinabalu: Rows of fluttering flags in the city prior to the National Day celebration will serve as a reminder of the hardships our forefathers endured before our independence, said Mayor Abidin Madingkir.

He said this after about 1,200 State and national flags were distributed for free to business owners, here, Tuesday.

He urged them to take down faded flags and replace them with new ones, requesting business owners to show patriotism by putting up the distributed flags.

"We don't want the flags we distributed to be kept."

Meanwhile, he said the launch of the Merdeka Day celebration will be on August 4, the 'Ambang Merdeka' event will be on August 30 and the Merdeka Day parade will be held on August 31.

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